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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Only you can make the darkness bright,
Only you can fill my heart with light,
Always in my thought, even never be front of my sight,
Without you, I don't think that I have strength to win this fight.
I used to complain on many things recently till I forget to thank you for what I had.

I've figured out the secret of happiness, which is appreciation for what you've got whether it's a little or a lot.  Thanks God.

Believe on yourself and your values,
Don't sell out when things go wrong,
Don't get anything get you down and always bounce back up.

Set goal for your future,
Never settle for anything less,
Realise that there are others in the world which have much bigger problem than yours.

Appreciate the good things in life,
And be thankful for the time you have with your love ones,
So therefore, spend more time with them.
With family and friends.

Appreciate the simple things in life,
And don't caught up in the material things,
Cause it won't last and makes you happy. 
Trust me.

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