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Monday, 2 April 2012

Give Love a Chance

No matter how hard, we must learn to let go and learn to love again.  Ease the pain away and start a new beginning. Make a move, slowly forgive and forget. Just give love a chance ! 

We've been brought up to believe that fairytales do exist. We women are Sleeping Beauty, who, with one kiss, will awaken from a deep, sorrowful slumber. We are Belle, who has the power to turn a Beast into the man he never knew he could be. We are Ariel, who made a man fall in love though she could not speak (though that’s less of a fairytale and more of what men are looking for these days).  We have been raised on a feast of romantic comedies, where the girl always gets her guy and they live happily ever after. Is it any wonder we want that same big love for ourselves?

Why do I speak about that one thing we all strive for? I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve spoken a lot recently about where to meet men and what to do in romantic situations gone wrong, but have spent very little time actually talking about love itself. The point of this website is to explore love around the world — not sex, not specific questions like ‘should I call him? If I do, will he never call me again?’ Love isn’t about rules; it’s about something — and someone — feeling right.

Can you imagine meeting that one person that sends shivers down your spine, whose eyes can see practically into your soul, who makes you a better person?

Does it matter if we are different from each other? Come on, it a clich√© thing.  Difference completes us.  Distance surely separate us but it gives us time to miss someone that we love.  How about race? Religion? As long as we are sincere towards each other, especially towards the love that tied us together, God surely understand.  

If you meet a man on one of your journeys and every bone in your body says you’re meant to be, give love a chance!

 So, Good Luck !

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